Facts About Vitamins

Purchasing vitamins can be a daunting task. Skip the hype and get the facts about vitamins.

There is a lot of research supporting a daily multi-vitamin. It’s true that your health depends on proper vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but most people ask, “what vitamins should I take?” Get the facts about vitamins and avoid the pitfalls that many people fall into when they try to get proper supplementation of basic micronutrients.

Science concurs with the practice of taking a daily multi-vitamin. The American Medical Association (AMA) says that “sub-optimal levels of vitamins are associated with increased risk of chronic diseases”, and that “all adults should take daily vitamin supplements.” Harvard University refers to daily vitamins as “micronutrient insurance”. It’s obvious that we can all benefit from vitamins but how do you choose the best multi-vitamin?

The first and best thing to do is check for pharmaceutical grade standards. The overwhelming majority of vitamins are not regulated properly. With the majority of vitamin companies, you really don’t know what you’re getting or if your body will even be able to absorb and use the vitamins. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins are held to the same strict standards as pharmaceutical medications. It ensures you that your body is actually getting what it advertises.

The next thing to do is check for completeness. Does your multiple vitamin go above and beyond the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and deliver optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals that act synergistically to give you the most benefit? The only way to answer these questions without spending hours on the internet researching vitamin companies is to ask the experts.

Nutrisearch is the authority on nutritional supplements. It’s their job to subjectively rate the quality of all supplements. It reveals the quality of every vitamin brand using very strict guidelines by an unbiased panel of physicians. They deliver the facts about vitamins like you’ve never seen before. Your search is over. The Superfood-Guru has done the research for you.

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